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Watts Towers
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Watts Towers
Watts Towers
Watts Towers


'I am consumed with how thing work in a mechanical, creative, spiritual and political contest.  As a Sculptor that has embraced many mediums, I have explored the nature of the materials that I use in order to understand and challenge their properties in traditional and unique applications. At the core of this process, is a compelling inquiry of, how do I learn to speak through the materials. To discover the truth about the materials and express the beauty of my artistic version.”


Dickson’s obsession with finding the truth of a form has been documented in my 45 year homage to the African American Woman.  Rather than work from an imagined form, he realized early in his career, that he had to undress it, to uncover the truth of its essence.  “Dickson’s work with Black Nudes was also the precursor for a much larger artistic dialogue on the politics of beauty and how the consequences of slavery reverberated in contemporary society that has extended throughout his entire career.


“This dialogue propelled me to immerse myself into the artistic heritage of Africa, searching for the language, tools, and symbols, to recreate and recover the enormous spiritual influence and indigenous beauty this tradition has had on the world. It has also encouraged me to develop works reflecting the unique circumstances of the African American experience that traces back to its African origins.”


For the last 50 years, Charles Dickson has practice the art of sculpting. He has made this experience flow by creating… “Robert Adams” Memorial  Bronze Sculpture for Peggie Adams and Family of Adams Funeral Home, Compton, CA Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science Presidents Medal to Mervin M. Dynmally PhD. And Board of Trustee Medal of Honor to Sylvia Drew Ivie J.D. & Cornelius L. Hopper.  Honda All-Star Challenge Scholastic Awards, 64 Bronze Academic Awards for African American College Students.  Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science “Jazz at Drew” Legacy Music Series Bronze Awards.   “Ralph Bunche Memorial Wall”  Jefferson High School and Adult School, Los Angeles.   “Devine Order” “The Manifestation of the Souring Spirit”,  Designed Station for Los  Angeles Metro Rail Green Line – El Segundo, California – Designed and Fabricated,  Stair Walls,  Benches, Wind Sculptures, Butterfly Light Sconces and Column Tile. Brotherhood Crusade 25th Anniversary Memorial Sculpture Award.    Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial a 20’ Pulpit shaped Monument with a Hummingbird landing on an out-stretched hand. Watts, California.  Legacy of Excellence Award, National Black Newspaper Publisher Association, Washington, DC. “Wishing On A Star”, 17’ Outdoor Metal Sculpture, Museum Collection, California African American Museum, Los Angeles.  


Bronze Sculpture “Mae” Museum Collection, California African American Museum, Los Angeles.  Golden State Mutual, African American Art Collection, Los Angeles, California.  Agape Awards for Steveland Morris (Stevie Wonder), Los Angeles.  “Father, Mother & Child”, Bronze Fountain, City of Costa Mesa Performing Arts Complex.  Bronze Bust,  Dr. Martin L. King, Curtis Jr. High School, Carson, California.  Golden State Mutual Insurance Company, African American Art Collection, Los Angeles.  Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School “Symbol for the Dean’s Office”.   Brotherhood Crusade Awards, Los Angeles . Sons of Watts Awards, Los Angeles.  Today Dickson is Artist in Residence at Watts Towers Art Center and the Grounds Keeper for LACMA and the Watts Towers Monument.  He is working with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust and Offices of The Trust for Public Land LA River Center to create sculpture within the community. 


Dickson has participated in 100 Professional Exhibition’s also participated in numerous Television Shows and has been Written about in various Art Magazine, News Paper Articles.

 A few of Dickson’s Honors and Awards:

High School Awards for Sculpture, John C. Fremont High School.   Helping to create in the total community an increased awareness of the contributions to our culture by Black Americans – Festival in Black – Department of Recreations and Parks Festival Chairman Charles Reed. Roberson Award the Black Leadership Conference Outstanding Accomplishments in the Creative Arts (C.S.U.L.A.).   Outstanding Contributions to the Arts in Los Angeles at the Bridge Gallery Exhibition in honor and Celebration of Black Heritage – Mayor Tom Bradley.  Certificate of Achievement John C. Fremont High School Hall of Fame, Outstanding Achievement in the field of the Arts.  Exemplary efforts and accomplishments which have been of great value to the Community and the City of Los Angeles.   Commendation State of California Outstanding Service in the Public Interest Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy.  Honoree, Afro-Academic Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympic Awards of Western Region of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) – Diane E. Watson.   Letter of Commendation serving as a role model for our young people with the Afro-Academic Cultural technological and Scientific Olympics and endeavor of the NAACP – Senator John Seymore.  Outstanding citizenship and activities enhancing community betterment  Watts Towers Art Center 25th Anniversary Exhibit – Rudy Svornich Los Angeles City Council member.   Certificate of Appreciation and Participation 20th Annual Black Doll Show –Miriam Fergerson Curator, William Grant Still Community Art Center.  Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of your continuous dedication to the equality and preservation of life in Watts as a Civic Leader both Political and Social -To: Charles & Darlene Dickson – Janice Hahn, Los Angeles City Councilwoman.    Certificate of  Recognition – A Famous Artist once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”   Your outstanding work has allowed us to see the beauty that surrounds us and the talent that comes from the African American Community. 


During February, as we celebrate Black Heritage Month, Your exceptional contributions to the Arts are deeply appreciated. Respectfully acknowledged, and vigorously applauded.  On behalf of the 10th Council District, and the Los Angeles City Council, I offer heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful contributions to the World of Art in the City of Los Angeles. – Nate Holden, Los Angeles 10th  District Councilmember. Community Legions, Outstanding Artist Award -  FDG Gallery.  Certificate of Appreciation – Community Outstanding Service – On the Occasion of Watts “King Day” 2004 – CDAC, El Dora Winston , Chairperson.      Certificate of /Appreciation and Participation – “Five Decades of Activisms 1950 – 2000” / 38th Annual Watts Summer Festival & Art Exposition Curators:  Mr. & Mrs. Fergerson.   “Smella” Bronze Award – Center for the Arts of the African Diaspora, Inc.  The “Samella” was created by Marian C. Williams to honor Dr. Samella Lewis’ legacy in the field of African American art, and the art of the Diaspora.  It will be awarded annually to those visual artists who have exhibited an exemplary effort to promote the awareness of our African American artistic heritage.  “The sculpture depicts the creativity, knowledge and history that flows form Dr. Lewis onto a tangible surface, and from that surface reflecting out to inspire others.   Collectors, Patrons and Award Honoree’s are:  Stevie Wonder, Mrs. Rosie Lee Hooks, Cong. Maxcine Waters, Mr. & Mrs. Tim Watkins, Dr. & Mrs. James Hobbs, Howard Gurshney, Shaquille O’Neal, Mr. & Mrs. Mjenzi Ujamaa, Mr. & Mrs. Hewitt, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Fergerson, Atty.  Teddie Randall, Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Hicks, Mr. & Mrs. Danny Bakewell, George Bohannon, Norman Connors, Kamau Daaood, Lionel Hampton, Billy Higgins, Charles Wright, Bennie Maupin, Reggie Andrews, Bobby Womack, George Duke, Fritz Wise, Ndugu Chanceler, John Otterbridge, Richard Tyson, Rosa Johnson, Maya Angelou, Oscar Grown Jr.,  Kareem A. Jabbar, Mohammad Ali, Howard Swerdloff, Dr. Halford H. Fairchild, and  Dionne Warwick.


“Being a Artist is a gift, a way to pray and to create the visions of the past, present and the future.  It is a need to continue, to establish a trail that reflects my growth as a Sculptor, as an African American.”

Watts Towers
Watts Towers
Watts Towers
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