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Exhibition: April 13 through August 3, 2024

Reception/ Artist Talk and Performance by Nedra Wheeler Trio: Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 p.m.


Noah Purifoy Gallery and

Charles Mingus Gallery

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Welcome to Spray Cans & Paintbrushes, where three distinct  artistic voices converge to explore the intersections of family, culture, and community. In this  captivating showcase, we invite you to immerse yourself in the diverse perspectives of Michael Massenburg, Jacori Perry aka “AISEBORN,” and Michelle  Guerrero aka “MR B BABY,” each offering a unique lens through which to contemplate the complexities of the human experience,  struggle, and triumph. 

Michael Massenburg captivates with his political take on class, race, and culture in an artistically  stylized way. He infuses his pieces with earth tones and historical figures. His exploration of  historical events challenge audiences to reconsider the part people of color have had throughout 

American History, and his mobilization of objects and images on canvas engage the subjects  beyond the representational, and psychological into the spiritual.


Meanwhile, AISEBORN brings his calligraphic infused artwork to encourage contemplation and  meditation. His masterful use of ancient iconography and brush strokes convey emotions as  varied as loss and redemption. His work serves as a poignant reflection on the black male as a  paternal figure and the power of nurturing the most vulnerable. 

Lastly, MR B BABY’s work delves into themes of resilience and regeneration, her portrayals of  lambent piñata characters remind the viewer that it is only through rupture that our sweetest  creations can come forth. Her work draws observers into a world where not all is as it seems.  Ironically, it is her use of bright and vibrant colors that invites contemplation on the darker  themes of existence. 

As you journey through this exhibition, take note of the dialogues that emerge between these  three distinct bodies of work. Though each artist offers a singular perspective, together they  weave a rich tapestry of what it means to work together towards a brighter future. There is no  doubt that this work will invite viewers to contemplate, question, and connect to our own  community on a deeper level. 

Spray Cans & Paintbrushes, invites you to explore the boundaries of artistic expression and  engage with the myriad narratives woven throughout this captivating collection. We hope you  find inspiration, reflection, and perhaps even transformation within these thought-provoking  works. 

Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez, PhD - Curator

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