The Jazz Mentorship program (JMP, now in it's 25th year, teams professional musicians with young people interested in this original form of American music and presents a combined academic and concert forum. One of the only handful of Jazz education programs in the U.S., it provides young musicion the an opportunity to interact and play with seasoned jazz professionals. An environment is created that is conducive to jazz artists, enthusiasts and young people alike. The program's outreach efforts include going into communities to bridge the gap between older and younger generations, and joining people of diverse cultures together with one common goal - the appreciation of music. 


Founding members include Buddy Collette, Patrice Rushen , Ndugu Chancler, Sharon Hirata, Nedre Wheeler , Bobby Rodriguez, Danellen Jospeh, Rick Moss, Estella Holeman, Rosie Lee Hooks and James Burks.

 More than 450-world-renowned musicians have participated in program sessions. Currently, JMP also cosponsors the beginning piano classes.

Patrice Rushen - Vocals, Piano
Bobby Rodriguez - Trumpet

Jazz Mentorship Program All Stars

Nedra Wheeler - Bass, Piano
Ndugu Chancler - Drums
Munyungo Jackson - Percussion
Justo Almario- Saxophone

All youth students particaping at the WTACC are expected to work 10 hours per school year (October-June) in the GARDEN STUDIO GALLERY where they will be exposed to gardening, harvesting and general care for plants and animals . Special days will be designtaed for these activities. Dates are to be announced.

Gloves and Water will be provided. Please dress preferably with long pants and clothes that closed-toe shoes

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