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Jessica Gudiel is an LA based artist and has worked to develope 2 major art forms since 2008. The art of designing and installing veggie and native gardens and designing and performing political puppet shows.  She graduated from Montebello High School in 1999, East LA Community College in 2002, the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2004, and began as a Master Gardener and puppeteer in 2008. As a Master Gardener, Jessica has taught horticulture in the West Athens, Boyle Heights, South Central, Highland Park, MacArthur Park, Echo Park areas and at her home garden in Lincoln Heights. She worked with artist Dominique Moody to bring the Watts Towers Garden studio to life by designing the plants that would be housed there. What fuels her love for growing healthy native plants, fruits, leaves, and flowers is the overall health of our ecosystem.  Jessica's political shadow puppet shows are infused with myth and wondrous illustrations of our inherent relationship to the Earth Mother and the adversary forces of neo-capitalism. 

She is currently an artist in residence at The Watts Towers Arts Center where she works with local youth to develop shadow puppet shows depicting their own personal stories of life in Watts. Lastly, If you're interested in transforming your garden into a native or veggie garden, or would like to book one of her shows, please contact her at the below email or phone number.

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