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Please take the further step of writing a letter to the authorities charged with protecting the integrity of the Watts Towers and the monument’s immediate environment.  You may write your own compelling letter to explain why you believe development around and so close to the Watts Towers is a bad destructive idea.  Or you may use the letter below as a model.

Use “Protect the Watts Towers and the Watts Community” as the Subject and please send the letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti at  and Cc. it to these public servants and concerned citizens:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;         


Dear Mayor Garcetti,

I strongly oppose the planned five-story housing project along the tracks by the historic 103rd Street Watts Train Station. To be built on public land sold without the full knowledge of the community, this project will spoil access to and appreciation of the world-famous masterpiece of “outsider art”, the Watts Towers – a National Historic Landmark and a State Historic Park. 

The only internationally known tourist site in Watts, these monumental mosaic-covered spires were built over thirty years from 1921 on, by one man alone, an immigrant who called them Nuestro Pueblo and intended them to be seen from the train tracks.  Blocking out the view of this work of artistic and engineering genius, the housing project also undermines the State’s efforts to have it designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


We urge the City to develop its housing projects in locations that will not diminish the flow of visitors from around the world to Watts.  Instead, it must protect and enhance this diverse and underserved community’s vital history by creating the community-planned and -approved Watts Cultural Crescent as a green park linking the Watts Towers and the Watts Train Station.      

Sincerely yours,

Your name

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